"In Weaving with Wire, Christine generously shares her considerable expertise for this unique material. She provides techniques to minimize the challenges of working with wire on the loom, along with methods for sculpting metal fabric and inspiration through a review of her own award-winning work and that of fellow woven-metal artists. Christine has a talent for teaching that creates a relaxed, encouraging, and engaging atmosphere for exploring the medium."

Angela Schneider, Project Manager, Handwoven Magazine

Weaving with Wire Courses & Zoom Workshops

Find out more about the Self Paced Weaving with Wire Course, the 3 day Weaving with Wire Zoom Workshops, and an opportunity to sign up for coaching about your artistic direction with Christine. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Weaving with Wire path you are interested in.

Digital Downloads

Christine has created digital downloads to support your growth as an artist and creative spirit. Blending her visual arts education with her life long fiber experience, she can support your explorations and help you become more confident in your artistic path. Click HERE to go to the Digital Download area of the Fiber Studio.

Fiber Art Lessons

Fiber arts are an important part of any arts curriculum. Students love the calming, meditative nature of creating with yarn, thread, and cloth. Christine shares fiber lessons that are FREE for instructors and students alike. The lessons, though adaptable for K12 levels, are also perfect spring boards for the experienced artist for more sophisticated applications. Click HERE to go to the Digital Download area of the Fiber Studio.

Weaving with Wire: Creating Woven Metal Fabric Book Now Available!

My NEW book is finally out!

Here's what Donna Kaplan, Christine's teacher, has to say about her new book:

"What a pleasure to read and explore Christine Miller’s new Book Weaving With Wire! This book is more than just an exploration of creating woven metal fabric. It is an introduction to the thought process of artistic expression. It is clear that Christine Miller, in addition to her artistic weaving career is also a teacher, a guide and an advisor not only in the technical aspects of weaving with wire. She is also a guide to inspire the weaver along their own personal journey of creating art in a thoughtful way with intent and purpose. "

Robyn Spady's review:

Weaving with Wire is the book the weaving community has needed for a long time. Other textile publications on working with wire have been broad in the techniques and only touched on weaving or were limited in scope. This book is a workshop all by itself!

Read below to get even more information about ordering my book!

My NEW book is Out!

By using a wire warp and fiber weft on a four or more harness loom, intermediate- to advanced-level weavers can create a woven metal fabric that is strong, malleable, and sculptural.

Expert weaver Christine K. Miller has been weaving with wire for 30 years, and her online and in-person workshops are highly sought after. She's the only weaver teaching this amazing technique.

Learn about 
the materials and supplies needed for this metal fiber technique

  • planning your project
  • preparing and beaming the warp
  • and choosing the weft

Christine then takes readers step by step through a "Foundation Project," a basic woven wire fabric serving as the basis for creating their own metal fabric crafts.

Readers can be inspired by Christine's work and what she has made with woven wire—baskets, jewelry, sculptures, and more—with detailed information on how she made them. They can then re-create these pieces or use them as a foundation to craft their own metal fabric creations.

In addition, Christine includes a fascinating chapter on using the principles of art and design to let the reader's imagination soar when crafting with woven wire fabric.

Size: 8.5in x 11.0in  | Pages:192  | 250+ color images and illustrations

Binding: Hardback

Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 9780764366932