The threads of my life...

Christine has been exploring fiber her entire life through many processes and techniques. She has been weaving for 50 years, and for the last 30 years she has been weaving with wire to create sculptural expressions. Other techniques and processes dance into her work, but sitting at the loom and weaving is where she feels her heart beat. In addition to weaving she has experience in sewing, basketry, embroidery, felting, dyeing, knitting, crochet, and fiber sculpture. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and has won many awards.

She is a former visual arts educator with local, statewide, and national arts education recognition. Christine continues bringing fiber arts into the educational world with Visiting Artist programs and workshops. 

Mixed Media Fiber Artist

'Artifacts' has woven metal fabric with embroidered resist dyed felt mounted on canvas. With her broad knowledge of many fiber techniques and processes, Christine combines these experiences into dynamic fiber expressions.

Coral Reef Installation Artist

Christine and her husband Keith have mounted Coral Reef exhibitions with Keith Miller's resin paintings and Christine's fiber sculptures. You can see an archived page of the exhibition (click here) at the ArtCentre of Plano from 2020.

Master Weaver

With almost 50 years of weaving experience under her belt, Christine is versed in a wide variety of woven structures and approaches. She understands weaving from a fundamental level as well as embracing digital technology for her woven expressions.

Christine's passion for fiber runs deep!

As a lifetime fiber artist and visual arts educator, Christine has been exploring fiber as a fine art material throughout her life. Her passion for passing on processes, techniques, and inspiration to other art educators, students, and fiber artists brings her much joy and satisfaction. You can connect with her many social media channels (click on the bullet to connect):

As a lifelong artist and visual arts educator, THANK YOU for choosing to support the arts and artists!